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North Swedish Horse for sale

Breed Photo
riginating from Sweden, the North Swedish Horse is a heavy draft and farm workhorse. It is of the same origin as the Dole horse of Norway, which descended from the ancient Scandinavian native horse.
The North Swedish Horse is a medium sized coldblood. Mare usually reaches the height of 15 hands while the stallions are about 15.2 hands. The qualities that the North Swedish Horse possesses are energy, durability, stamina, and respectable longevity.

Acceptable colours are brown, blackish-brown, yellowish black, black, chestnut, buckskin, palomino, smoky and grey. In the latter case however only where descent is verifiable back to the Norwegian so-called "blue horses". Markings on the head and legs are acceptable.

This breed consists of two types: the draft horse and the trotter. These two types were combined to produce a light horse that had a fast trot for racing purposes and a heavy horse that could compete with the Belgian breed. 

The North Swedish Horse has a clean, sound bone. It is known for endurance. For the amount of work this horse can do it requires a small amount of feed. It has an incredible longevity and diseases are very rare in this breed. For breeding, good action is stressed as well as, correct well-balanced action, energy, power, length of stride, and springiness in the gait.

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